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Breakdown: Video emerges of Rob & Rex Ryan in Nashville bar fight

We go Zapbruder on the Rex Ryan fight tape.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Video has emerged of a small scuffle at a Nashville bar over the weekend involving former Buffalo Bills coaches Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan. The video was posted to Twitter late Sunday night and while it doesn’t look like a big scuffle, it certainly looks like it could have been.

Let’s analyze the tape.


It’s a sports bar with an open air window to the outside and passers by looking in. The video was posted by recent Hobart college (Geneva, NY) graduate Cooper Stefaniak.


It’s good to see Rex’s wardrobe hasn’t changed from sports jerseys. In this case, it’s fitting that it’s a number 34 Washington Nationals jersey because Bryce Harper was just suspended for three games for charging the mound and fighting last week. Rob is sporting the Clemson look, as Rex’s son just graduated from the university.


Clearly, the folks in the video didn’t take the “CHILL” sign in the background very seriously. Or maybe they did and didn’t escalate the events further.


Are those a whole bunch of margarita glasses on the table? The man fighting Rex has one in his hand during the initial portion of the altercation and Rex and Rob end at the table. Were they all together at one point before a turn for the worse?

Fighting style

At the beginning of the video, Rex has his hand on the back of another man’s neck. After they turn slightly, Rob jumps in and chokes the other pugilist with his hand before being pulled back. The other guy turns his attention back to Rex who wants none of it. Rob tries to pull away from the man holding him back while Rex keeps going around in a circle to keep the other fighter off of him.


Rex tries to laugh it off at the end when the parties are separated. Rob swats away the man holding his arm back only to stand behind his brother yelling at the other guy off the screen.

What else did you guys catch?