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Free agent Jeremy Maclin reportedly dining with Buffalo Bills

After what has seemed like a long visit, the receiver and the Bills are now reportedly talking over a meal.

Earlier today the Buffalo Bills confirmed that free agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin was visiting with the team. While it’s unclear what time their meeting begun, it would appear to be a good sign that the two parties are extending the visit, choosing to continue discussions over dinner.

There’s a lot famiarity between Maclin and the Bills, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the visit is going well. As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, Maclin and current Bills starting running back LeSean McCoy were teammates for six seasons. Head coach Sean McDermott was the Eagles’ defensive coordinator for Maclin’s first two seasons in Philly, and quarterbacks coach David Culley served as Maclin's wide receiver coach for four of his seasons in Philadelphia.

Breaking bread together is a universal part of neogotiating, so it would appear that Maclin is enjoying what the Bills are dishing out so far.

If you were hosting Maclin in Buffalo, where would you take him out to eat to help seal the deal?