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Jeremy Maclin appears in LeSean McCoy's "signing players daily" Instagram story

Nothing is official...yet.

Jeremy Maclin is not a member of the Buffalo Bills...yet.

However, Bills star (and Maclin’s close friend) LeSean McCoy made an Instagram post that might indicate something is close to happening.

Obviously, McCoy is not the general manager of the Bills. He’s not signing anybody to anything.

This could (and probably is) just him getting excited over the possibility. It’s also entirely possible that Maclin is expressing some enthusiasm about the idea of playing in Buffalo and Shady is getting hyped over that, too.

Maclin flew into Buffalo yesterday, and started meeting with the team around 4:00. He stuck around for dinner last night, and he may still be in town. He has a trip to Baltimore on the docket, but that could be scrapped if he likes what he sees in Buffalo.

Maclin would be a great fit for the Bills, immediately sliding in to the No. 2 receiver role behind Sammy Watkins and ahead of Zay Jones, who would be better suited to begin his career in the slot.

We could be hearing something today. Stay tuned.