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Jeremy Maclin leaves Buffalo Bills without a deal, heads to Baltimore Ravens visit


Despite a visit that spanned nearly 24 hours, Jeremy Maclin has in fact left Buffalo without a deal from the Bills and will travel to Baltimore to visit the Ravens according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Maclin arrived in Buffalo yesterday around 4:00 pm EST to begin his visit. Despite a report that he left town soon thereafter, Josina Anderson of ESPN tweeted that his visit would continue over dinner.

This morning, LeSean McCoy posted two Instagram stories that included Maclin inside the Bills facility.

It seemed as though it was a matter of time until Maclin would be announced as the newest member of the Buffalo Bills.

However, yesterday, Schefter did report that the Ravens were making plans to be Maclin’s next stop on Wednesday after his visit with the Bills.

We have no clarity as to what happened during his day-long stay in Western New York. And although his doesn’t officially signify Maclin will sign elsewhere, it’s never a good development for a team when a free-agent visitor leaves town to make another stop.