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Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is a generational talent

He’s a guy that we could be talking about thirty years from now.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Generational talents only come around so often in the NFL. You can think back to a handful in Buffalo Bills history that we still talk about 20 years or more later. If you’re looking at the current Buffalo Bills, you could say that Marcell Dareus has the potential to be one of those players.

Suspension and lack of physical upkeep kept him from performing at his best over the last two seasons under Rex Ryan. You should expect a full turnaround with Sean McDermott and company.

The Bills’ new defensive line coach, Mike Waufle will play a big role in changing Dareus’s style on and off the field. Waufle spent 2012-2016 with the Los Angeles Rams organization and made their defensive line one of the best in the league. That includes developing Aaron Donald into the player he is today.

Dareus, who turned 27 in March, still has a long and productive career ahead of him. A part of Dareus being productive is being in the right scheme. While the Bills switch to a 4-3 base this season (and hopefully for many years to come), Dareus will be put in a better situation. Dareus had his best overall season in a 4-3 working with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in the 2014 season where he recorded 10.0 sacks and was selected as a first team All-Pro. Any double digit sack season is a good one, but to do that as an interior defensive lineman is rare.

Look for Dareus to get back to his 2014 self as he continues to prove to his teammates, coaches, and community that he is here to produce for years to come. Don’t be surprised if you continue to say his name for the next 30 years.