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Why did Jeremy Maclin pass on the Buffalo Bills?

The now-Ravens wide receiver says he signed with the club for football reasons.

There was a multitude of signs that pointed to Jeremy Maclin signing with the Buffalo Bills after taking a free-agent visit to Western New York last month. Maclin was all smiles while appearing in a video posted to Instagram with ex-teammate, and one of the groomsmen in his wedding, LeSean McCoy. The Bills managed to keep Maclin in Buffalo overnight, and of course, there’s the history he has with former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator and now Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

But Maclin wound up signing with the other team he visited, the Baltimore Ravens, on a two-year deal worth up to $11 million.

“From a football standpoint, it made the most sense,” Maclin told the Baltimore media, via Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News. That reason isn’t hard to believe, after all Baltimore did win a Super Bowl in 2012, and have enjoyed a fair amount of success with quarterback Joe Flacco under center.

Still, though, it’s hard to believe that money wasn’t a significant factor. Skurski points out that the money Maclin signed for is pretty good given the timing of when he became a free agent. Maclin, who will turn 30 during the 2018 season, could make up to $7.5 million that season.

Also likely at play, was the Ravens depth chart at receiver, but not in the way you might think. Skurski believes that Maclin could very well wind up being Baltimore’s No. 1 receiver, which most likely wouldn’t have been the case with Buffalo. Barring injury, Sammy Watkins is essentially entrenched as the Bills top wideout, and who knows how things would have shaken out with 2017 second-round pick Zay Jones, who the Bills traded up to acquire, also in the mix.

You can’t rule out if Maclin was more of crab cakes guy than a chicken wings one.