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Buffalo Bills received $244 million from NFL revenue sharing in 2016

That’s the figure every NFL team received.

The Buffalo Bills and every other NFL team received $244 million in shared revenue in 2016. That figure comes from the Green Bay Packers’ financial report that was released this month. Most of the shared revenue comes from television contracts, while the rest comes from the sale of officially licensed merchandise.

Not included in that figure are local revenues generated by ticket sales, concessions, parking fees, and sponsorships, among other things. League-wide, that figure is lower than the shared revenue, an average of about $187.5 million per team but that figure can vary wildly from larger markets to smaller ones.

According to Spotrac, Buffalo spent just under $159 million on player salaries alone in 2016. Obviously that figure doesn’t include stadium maintenance, coaches, support staff, advertising, and all the other things that go into running a professional football organization, but it should be a pretty clear indication that the Pegulas aren’t losing money or strapped for cash because of their football team.