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Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Adolphus Washington learned from his gun charge mistakes

The Bills brass were “disappointed” after he was arrested on a gun charge a couple weeks ago.

When the Buffalo Bills opened training camp yesterday at St. John Fisher College, one of the more sought-after players was second-year defensive lineman Adolphus Washington. Washington was arrested earlier this month for improperly carrying a concealed firearm during a late-night incident in his native Cincinnati.

Washington had all the proper licensing and plead not guilty to the charge (the case is still pending), but the incident didn’t reflect very well on him anyway. Washington spoke about the incident on Thursday, to the extent that he could given that the case isn’t closed yet. He said he “learned from his mistakes” and “thank[s] God that it didn’t turn into something more serious than it was.”

He also spoke to the support he received, both from the front office and his teammates. Bills head coach Sean McDermott, for his part, said he was “disappointed” in Washington but praised his communication efforts, while general manager Brandon Beane said he “handled the aftermath of the situation well.”

It’s good that Washington is able to put the charges in the back of his mind, because he’s right in the thick of an interesting battle for a roster spot at the defensive tackle spot. The second-year man appeared in 15 games last season, but will be competing with four others for either one or two reserve spots on the front seven. After earning a late-season benching from former coach Anthony Lynn last year, he doesn’t seem to be taking anything for granted.

It seems that if he is released this year, it will probably stem more from his performance on the field than his mistakes off of it.