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Buffalo Bills future stadium plans are coming sooner than later

The Pegulas will meet with New York State soon.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Around the NFL, organizations update their stadiums to modernize and keep up with advances in society and the Buffalo Bills haven’t done nearly enough upkeep since New Era Field opened in 1973. Major stadium modifications or building an entire new facility is inevitable in the near future.

"We are on a fact-finding mission, we are just doing our due-dilligence. It is, the decision is a big one,” team owner Kim Pegula said during an interview Thursday morning before the team opened training camp.

Kim went on to say a meeting with the State of New York was “forthcoming” in an attempt to receive funds to help build a new stadium or upgrade their current one.

Orchard Park has been an excellent host to the Bills and their relentless fans for the past 43 years. If the Bills do in fact relocate to a different part of the Buffalo area, expect to be overwhelmed with upgrades. Some fans would see that as a downgrade while others will come out of the woodwork.

To put things into perspective, when they begin play this coming season, the Atlanta Falcons will be playing in their third stadium in the city since Buffalo opened their stadium in Orchard Park.