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Eric Wood will look to stay with the Buffalo Bills long-term

Wood wants to get an extension done

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

After the Buffalo Bills wrapped up their second day of training camp, Eric Wood sat down for an interview with WGR Sports Radio 550 to talk about his future and his view of the current status of the team. Wood is entering the final year on his current deal at age 31.

“I do want to be here, but ultimately I'm likely only going to get paid one more time,” said Wood. “Especially on what could be a lucrative contract.”

Wood has been one of the better centers in the league over the past few years and will expect to be paid like one. He also added that he has a feeling that something will end up working out for both sides.

With a new coaching staff, schemes are expected to be altered. Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison fortunately runs a similar scheme to what was in Buffalo last season. Wood acknowledged that it was more of a zone-blocking scheme which is usually friendly for the offensive line without many surprises. Zone blocking also makes it harder for defenses to read the offensive line as many of the run and pass plays will look the same up front. Bills defensive linemen Kyle Williams told Wood that this offense is, “the hardest offense to go against in the league.”

Wood has been through a rough eight years with the Bills and wants to be a part of ending the drought and sustained success. A contract extension could be something to look out for before, during, or after the season.