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Leslie Frazier has high praise for Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde will be vital to this defense

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier took to the podium at training camp earlier this week and relayed nothing but positive things about free agent signing, Micah Hyde. Frazier was asked what it is like to have a guy like Hyde, who is versatile and brings leadership to the team with a secondary that is young.

“He’s a guy who’s has a lot of ball production in our league, but his veteran experience should help our young secondary, particularly with a guy like rookie Tre’Davious [White],” said Frazier. “Even a guy like Ronald Darby, he’s a relatively young player as well. Jordan Poyer, both of those guys working together, two veteran safeties who have had some success in our league, but Micah, his production along with his leadership, should help raise the level of our secondary. So that was a part of why we signed him.”

When asked about how he has taken on his role as a leader and a newcomer, Frazier had this to say about Hyde:

“Well he’s been verbal in the classroom and even on the field and we need that, we need the verbal leadership. Jordan has done a good job with that as well but in Micah’s case, sometimes his actions speak louder than words. His ability to make plays in practice, which he’s done for us, whether it be getting in position to make tackles. Although right now we’re not taking people to the ground but making plays on the ball and that’s leadership. It shows other guys how to compete without getting tangled up with teammates. In the classroom, taking over sometimes with handling questions, talking through tape, it’s good for the young guys to see him being assertive in that area.”

Hyde is the key to the secondary playing at a high level this year. Ronald Darby is coming off a down year, Jordan Poyer hasn’t gotten much starting experience in the league, and Tre’Davious White is a rookie. Hyde is the only one in the secondary who has had consistent production around the league. The versatility of Hyde will not only be important to him, but important to the other starting three and Poyer specifically. Poyer will bite off a big chunk of playing time and if he is able to maneuver into different spots on the secondary, he will become extremely valuable to the Bills.