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Tre’Davious White continues to accelerate for Buffalo Bills

He’s getting better day by day

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Training Camp Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie first-round pick Tre’Davious White has been good for the Buffalo Bills during training camp so far. White is going to make mistakes this year as every rookie does, but learning from them is what makes players progress. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was asked what he has seen out of White so far in the first few days of camp.

“You know when you draft a guy in the first round, you’re hoping that he can come in and really give you something that first year which will be ideal,” said Frazier Sunday. “He has been very impressive going all the way back to the earlier part of the offseason program and right through the early part of training camp as well so we’re excited about what we are seeing and there is a lot more football to be played. For a rookie he’s done a really good job up to this point.”

Coach Frazier has liked what he has seen from White but knows there is a long road ahead of him to get where he wants to be. White will need to take another step in the process and Frazier thinks that next step is more practice.

“We just gotta get opportunities to practice, he needs more task on time,” continued Frazier. “As he gets more reps in practice and gets more familiarity with what we are asking him to do - the techniques, the fundamentals of what we’re teaching - we just expect him to get better and better as time goes on. So its just the matter of him getting opportunities to practice and eventually playing in preseason games.”

Corners will get beat in the NFL. White had a bit of a rough patch recently in camp and Frazier has noticed the professional mentality White possesses. Having a short memory and not getting frustrated will be a big part of White growing as a player.

“Part of what separates good defensive backs from the great ones, you said it, guys are gonna catch some balls,” said Frazier. “So am I able to separate myself from that and move on from that one play and get ready for the next play and learn from my mistakes on the previous play? He’s shown in college and he’ll show it here as well, we’re seeing it in practice that when something like that happens, someone catches the ball, he’s a quick learner. He makes adjustments mid-stream so we’re not really concerned about some of those things that might happen now. It’s more important that he learns and just continues to progress. He’s shown the ability to have a short memory and you gotta have that to be a corner in the National Football League. Guys are gonna catch balls but you just gotta get back on the horse and keep going and he has that type of mindset.”

Although he has been promising, White has quite a ways to go to be a top corner in the NFL. Having coaches like McDermott and Frazier will only be beneficial to White as well as other young guys on the defensive side of the ball.