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New Era Field adds designated Uber dropoff/pickup zone for Buffalo Bills fans

Taking an Uber to a Bills game? You’ll want to know where to go.

The Buffalo Bills have announced a designated zone for dropping off and picking up customers of the ride-sharing service Uber, with whom the team has a promotional agreement. The zone debuts tonight at Buffalo’s first preseason game.

The pickup/dropoff zone is located on the southeast corner of Abbott Road and Big Tree Road, which the Uber app will direct drivers and riders to. Drivers will contact riders to let them know specifically where their car is waiting.

Similar ride-sharing zones are being prepared at KeyBank Center, in preparation for the upcoming Sabres season.

Buffalo Rumblings and its writing staff are not rewarded or supported by Uber or other ride-sharing services for writing this article.

With that in mind, do note that Uber is offering a promotion tonight, wherein new Uber riders would get their first rides free (up to $15) when they use the code BUFFALOBILLS15.