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Buffalo Rumblings editorial staff changes, 2017

Here is the complete rundown.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Now that the Buffalo Bills have a day off from preseason, training camp, and big roster moves (we hope), it’s time for us to take a step back and go over our big offseason changes. Everything has shuffled around a bit here and needs a quick reset.


Chris Trapasso stepped away from the job for reasons that are really exciting that we can’t share just yet. After an interview process, SB Nation decided to name me to replace him. When I started at Buffalo Rumblings, we had a triumvirate on the masthead, now our ranks have swollen considerably as our output and community have grown.


Dan Lavoie is staying on as our NFL Draft Editor and has been with us for five years. He also does great work on breaking news, managing the site, and analyzing the NFL in various ways for us and he’s going to continue doing that. I, for one, am grateful he is here because I don’t get to watch college football and his expertise is very valuable to me.

Jeff Hunter has been promoted to Editor following his successful run as a Contributor since 2015. You’ll see his name pop up more on article bylines and doing more analysis, he will be helping out a little with social media, and taking on more behind the scenes, as well, and we’re glad he decided to step into this much-deserved larger role.


Sean Murphy has been promoted to the new position of Writer. (It’s the title I’m stuck with on our publishing platform) He’ll be posting a bunch of content on the site but without all the behind the scenes responsibilities of the guys listed above. He’s an English teacher and a great writer and I really like reading his work.

Joining us as a Writer is John Boccacino. John is a former sports reporter with the Democrat and Chronicle, worked for 13 WHAM TV, and radio host on WHTK all in Rochester. He also has worked for the athletic departments at the College of Brockport and Keuka College before returning to his alma mater to work in the Alumni Engagement office at Syracuse University. He has a degree in broadcast journalism. Please welcome him.

Also joining us is William Kennedy, a journalism student about to graduate from the University of South Florida. He’s worked in the newsrooms of D’Youville College, USF Oracle, and in addition contributing to the Houston Chronicle.

Tristan Garnett is staying on as an Writer. He has a sports journalism degree from Centennial College in his hometown of Toronto. He is joined by Dylan Zadonowicz, who grew up in Buffalo and is a sports journalism major at Arizona State. They will cover day-to-day writing along with Will, John, and Sean.

Anthony Marino rejoins us as a Writer, and is bringing back our daily links posts in the morning. It will be a great starting point for our day. He previously served as a contributor at, and was the host of 518 Sports on CBS Sports Radio 1240AM in Albany, New York.

Josh Rawdin is also staying on as our SWAG Director - Specialist With Advanced Graphics. He will be producing video content and images to supplement our site. We’re not pivoting to video, but it’s a nice tool to have in our toolbox. He is available for freelance graphics work if you're looking for that kind of thing.


Tom Mitchell and Tom Colling are sticking around in their roles analyzing financial figures and writing satire, respectively. Mitchell interned with the Washington Redskins and helps us with an inside perspective from time to time. These unpaid writers are doing it for the love of the game.

Joining our ranks is Corey Giacovelli. Corey is going to be our Assistant Social Media Manager, supplementing our coverage and moderating our online presence off the site. He will contribute occasionally to the site, as well.

A big “welcome back” goes out to a returning contributor, Jon Ramsey. You might know Jon better by his screenname, Yards Per Pass, and he will be doing some GIF analysis for us during the season. We’re really excited to have his eyes.

Also rejoining us is popular commenter Ron From NM, who wrote analysis for us back in the day. His schedule has opened a little since he left our writing ranks and we are glad to have him back on board.

We’d like to welcome Andrew Griffin, who you probably know better as Grif around here, Lawrence Foster, and Evan Przybylak as two new Contributors. Grif will be handling some NFL Draft content for us. (Like I’ve said, I don’t watch college football so I’m relying on Grif and Dan for draft content.) Lawrence is a former sportswriter for the Roswell Daily Record who has most recently been writing for Buffalo Fambase. Evan is a high school sophomore who is interested in sportswriting as a career and we are going to help him toward that end. Also, please welcome Tim Hirschbeck. If you’re a Sabres fan, you’ll know he posts a bit over on Die By The Blade and will be doing some Q&As with some local Bills-related folks once a month.

Rounding out the list is Brandon Zarbo, who is joining us as our SWAG assistant. He’ll be working with Josh to provide more video content for our social media and website.

You’ve seen almost all of them post already, so hopefully now you’ll get to know them better. Go Bills!