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Predicting the second five-game stretch of the Buffalo Bills season

Our student intern prediction for weeks six through 11 of Bills regular season 

Editor’s note: Evan Przybylak is a sophomore at Hamburg High School.

Last week, I previewed the first five weeks of the Buffalo Bills’ 2017 regular season. I had the Bills at 3-1-1 going into their bye week. Today, we will look at the next five weeks.

Week 7: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are a team on the rise, as they sure showed that last year, with a 9-7 record. They brought in former Redskin, DeSean Jackson, in free agency and partnered him up with Mike Evans. This sure is a dangerous group. Jackson has always been overrated, his prime speed will fool may cornerbacks. They also brought in a former Bill, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to take Mike Glennon’s position as back-up quarterback. This is one alarming group, and will take a lot to beat them. Some people underestimate them.

Prediction: Up in the Air

Week 8: Oakland Raiders

After signing quarterback Derek Carr to a 5-year, $125 million deal and luring running back Marshawn Lynch out of retirement and away from Seattle, this is a good team. Going back to last year’s game vs. the Raiders, the Bills lost 38-24. The Bills need to watch for linebacker Khalil Mack. With 11.0 sacks last year, our O-line need to be alert and ready for the former UB Bull. With Lynch back now and Carr healthy, I believe if we are not taking in consideration of all the star players around, and how to beat them, we may give up the game.

Prediction: Bills lose

Week 9: New York Jets (TNF)

Once again, we play the the Jets on Thursday Night Football. Last year, it was close, but we lost 37-31. Now this year, they have no Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Decker, or Smith. They are stuck with journeyman Josh McCown. Losing starting wide receiver Quincy Enunwa to injured reserve, they are in a very bad place. I foresee a blowout win, due to the fact they have no talent on offense, besides Matt Forte.

Prediction: Bills win

Week 10: New Orleans Saints

The Saints has a great offseason. For one, signing veteran running back Adrian Peterson to a two-year contract, with him and Mark Ingram, this will be one explosive group. They drafted the number one cornerback in the draft in Marshon Lattimore, as well as drafting highly-ranked offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk. Losing Brandin Cooks in the offseason wasn’t great, but signing a talented wideout like Ted Ginn, brings depth to a great core of wide receivers. I believe that the Bills can beat the Saints, especially on the run game. At the same time, their tense rushing group could fool our defense.

Prediction: Up in the Air

Week 11: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers offseason entailed moving the team from San Diego to Los Angeles in a short period of time. They will play in StubHub Area with 30,000 fans in the stands. Pretty small, don’t you think? The Chargers may have actually felt a spark of relief by drafting wide out Mike Williams, until he suffered a back injury. But from the latest news, he is back running on the field. With new head coach and former Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn, they also have a completely new playbook. Running back Melvin Gordon is someone to watch out for this year. I think the receiving group is what is going to win the game for us. Our defense will get after Phillip Rivers and force the ball out.

Prediction: Bills win

With the Bills at 5-2-3, we will take a look at the end of the regular season next time.