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Buffalo Bills analysis: Nathan Peterman shows promise in preseason debut

Jon Ramsey breaks down the Bills QB.

Nathan Peterman saw his first NFL action in his preseason performance vs the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday. Buffalo Bills fans everywhere were impressed with Peterman, so we are going to take a closer look at three different throws to help illustrate what you are currently going to get from the rookie.

The first throw is a very nice timing and anticipation throw that he made to his wide receiver. It is a mirrored play call, and both sides of the formation are running double outs vs man coverage. The pause in the middle of the GIF is to illustrate when Peterman starts his throwing motion. This is to show that he is beginning to throw the ball before the receiver has even made his break. It is tough for the defense to defend a well-thrown ball that is on time and in rhythm.

The second throw comes on a 4th and 6 late in the game and also shows good anticipation and timing. However, that is not the reason why I picked this throw. This throw shows Peterman’s arm strength. The rookie does not have a cannon, and this ball is to the near sideline. Watching the throw, it definitely has some air underneath it and won’t be confused with an Aaron Rogers rocket anytime soon. While having a rocket for an arm is not a requirement to be a winning quarterback in the NFL, arm strength can cover up some anticipation flaws because you can wait longer to make a decision. Without top-tier arm strength, decisions must be made quicker and there is less room for error.

The last throw is an attempted pass down the seam when the Bills were in the red zone. I love that Peterman attempted the throw, as it is the type of throw that has been sorely missing from the Bills in recent years. Preseason is the time to take a few more chances to see what you can get away with. It also illustrates the size of throwing windows in the NFL. I think that in college this is a touchdown, but the middle linebacker makes a great play and deflects the ball away. This is just an adjustment that the rookie will have to make as he gets used to the speed and athleticism that is all over the field in the pro game.

Granted, it was only the 1st preseason game and it was against 3rd stringers but there were some promising signs from the rookie QB. I will be interested to see if Peterman trades spots with Yates and gets some snaps with the 2nd stringers later in the preseason. I think it would be good for him and after his performance on Thursday night I think he deserves it.