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Buffalo Bills 2017 NFL preview with SB Nation Radio

The Buffalo Bills kick off their season in a few weeks and SB Nation Radio is making the rounds with the bloggers to assess where each team stands. The Bills made a lot of moves this past week, so I was on to discuss the trades as well as the 2017 season. Listen here:

In the interview, I talk about the Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby trades, the players Buffalo received in return, Sean McDermott’s organic ketchup, planning for the future, and a lot more Bills talk. I also take a few shots at the New York Jets and discuss what it takes to tank in the NFL.

At the end, I predict a 6-10 record for the Buffalo Bills. Before the Watkins and Darby trades, I expected the Bills to be 8-8. Please tell me why I am wrong in the comments, but only after you listen to my rationale using the link above.