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Buffalo Bills vs Philadelphia Eagles: second half open thread

It’s the second string’s time to shine.

Halfway through the game, the Buffalo Bills are losing 6-13 against the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the time of the game for the backups to strut their stuff. Rookie quarterback Nate Peterman will vie to open a lead over veteran T.J. Yates as the primary backup for Tyrod Taylor. For players like Gerald Hodges, Dion Dawkins, Logan Thomas, and Jonathan Williams, it’s a chance to make a case for more extensive playing time during the regular season.

The game, as a whole, has been an ugly slog. Both starting offenses struggled, but the Bills have looked worse. The starting Eagles offense gained 62 yards on 17 plays (losing a fumble) and the Bills only managed 86 yards on 27 plays, with two Taylor interceptions.

In the first half, penalties were a major disruption for both teams. The Bills had 12 penalties, with nine accepted for 66 yards. The Eagles added seven penalties, with five of those accepted for 60 yards.

We won’t blame you if you want to turn the game off at this point. But hey, if you keep watching, talk about it here.