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Bills vs. Eagles recap: Tyrod Taylor had two tackles on Thursday night

The magic number is 2

The Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles faced off last night in each team’s second preseason game, and it was not pretty. The Bills and Eagles combined for 24 penalties last night (15 by the Bills) and a less than stellar 7-for-30 on third down conversions (5-for-18 for the Bills). Either of those stats could sum up how the game felt for people watching. However, I think another stat is more important when looking towards September 10th and the start of the 2017 regular season.

That statistic is turnovers and the starting Bills offense had two of them last night. The starters played six drives together before resting and came away with only one more point than the turnovers they had. Their drives went interception, punt, punt, interception, field goal, punt.

At the center of all of this was Tyrod Taylor. During those six drives he went 8-for-18 for 53 yards. That and the two interceptions resulted in a 12.0 QB Rating for Taylor. A stat line that includes two tackles at the end of the night is not exactly what you’re looking for out of your starting quarterback. Fortunately for Taylor and Bills fans last night was still a preseason game and the result does not matter. The starters will likely get one more chance to gel before the regular season kicks off. Hopefully they can get together before the Jets come to town, for all our sake.