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Buffalo Bills Coach Sean McDermott is confident in Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod is staying at QB1... for now.

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott took the podium on Friday. He was asked about his confidence in Tyrod Taylor after Thursday’s performance.

“I have all the confidence in the world in Tyrod,” said McDermott, shooting down rumors that he was thinking of making a quarterback change.

Unless you’re Doug Marrone, you’re most likely going to be supporting your starting QB.

Tyrod had a bad game and was extremely out of his usual rhythm but it wasn’t all on him. His offensive line was nonexistent and working with receivers who haven’t had much of a chance to get familiar with.

Tyrod's going to start for us this week and I look forward to him getting back on track," the coach said. "There's plays that he wanted back from last night, among other players as well. That said, there were good moments in the game. So we continue to evolve as an offense. That's the second game. Keeping big-picture perspective in mind, we've got to do some things to get the offense on track, there's no doubt about it.”

Social media erupted as the calls for Nathan Peterman echoed through Twitter following the game Thursday. McDermott had to shoot down all of the chatter amongst fans.

"Well like I've always said, we always look at everything,” said McDermott at the end of the Friday press conference. “That goes for every position, not just the quarterback position, but every position. Nate has certainly had a good preseason and training camp. He's going to continue to develop and get better. That said, Tyrod is going to start [next] Saturday night and I expect him to play and play well."