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Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane discusses Anquan Boldin free agent decision

The Bills’ GM talked briefly about the veteran wide receiver and his status before practice on 8/2

With training camp already a week in, the Buffalo Bills are still answering questions about veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin. The 14-year veteran, who most recently played for the Detroit Lions, came in for a visit with the Bills on July 24. Since then, speculation regarding Boldin’s status has been discussed frequently.

General Manager Brandon Beane spoke with reporters prior to practice on August 2nd and he was asked about Boldin.

“He is at a time in his life where family is most important,” said Beane on the official radio station of the Buffalo Bills. “We’re giving him as much time as he needs. He needs to be all in.”

This quote could be taken multiple ways; for starters, it could be surmised that the Bills don’t want a player who isn’t fully on board with their program, thus they aren’t thrilled with the prospect of signing a guy who isn’t at training camp. However, Beane went on to say that Boldin is a “pro’s pro” who has “worked out all offseason.” He also added that whenever Boldin is ready to choose a team, the veteran will be ready to play.

Those last two quotes seem to indicate that it isn’t the Bills’ preferences that are keeping Boldin out of camp, and they also indicate that the team wouldn’t mind signing a player of Boldin’s stature upon the conclusion of training camp, or even some of the preseason. Reading the tea leaves without a quote from the player is difficult, but if Boldin’s desire is to play close to his Florida home for an established winner, the Bills clearly face an uphill battle in acquiring his services. Of course, if Buffalo’s offer (if they have indeed made a standing offer) is the best one, then Boldin still may choose to sign with the team as the regular season comes closer.