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A look at the post-Boldin Buffalo Bills with SB Nation Radio

We also talked about the state of the team so far in the preseason.

A few days ago, Matt Warren talked about the upcoming Buffalo Bills season with the Sports Bosses on SB Nation Radio. Just a couple days after that, the Bills lost a fairly notable free agent acquisition when Anquan Boldin suddenly retired after only one preseason game.

SB Nation Radio needed a second look at the team, so I joined Joe Spano on Monday night to talk about Boldin’s departure and where it leaves the team. You can listen to the chat below. (It runs about ten minutes.)

An initial discussion about Boldin’s retirement segued into a discussion about what’s left with the receiving corps, the rest of the offense (including the performance of Nathan Peterman), and a look at how the defense might be improved from the last couple seasons.

In the end, I agreed with Matt and pegged the Bills at 6-10, although I wouldn’t be shocked with anything between four and eight wins.