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Buffalo Bills fantasy football team names, 2017

There were some great suggestions from the twittersphere

Fantasy football team names often range from the simple to the absurd. Sometimes, players name their team after someone they’ve drafted, and other times, they just give their team a name that relates to their favorite team. So, whether you’re the kind of Buffalo Bills fan who drafts Bills’ players or avoids them for fear of a jinx, we took to twitter to ask our followers for some Bills-themed team names. There was a great response, but here are some of our favorites:

  • McDermott’s Hermits—This one had me singing “Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter” for quite a while. Hopefully, the Bills are finally into something good with Sean McDermott.
  • Roll Over Zaytoven—Sticking with the classics, I see. This song was released 39 years prior to Zay Jones’s birth, but it definitely works. Who ever said #Billsmafia was all RKOs and condiment-covered crazies, anyhow?
  • Truth or Dareus— Easy one here for number 99, Marcell Dareus. The plays on some names were more frequent than others. To be honest, I’m surprised there weren’t more submissions about Eric Wood...
  • Lawson’s Creek— Nothing like throwing it back to a ‘90s teen melodrama to name your team after Shaq Lawson. If nothing else, picking this name allows you to use the Dawson ugly crying face gif every time you lose.
  • Taylor Made/Broken Tyrod/Tyrod of Losing— All of these work for Tyrod Taylor, especially if you’ve decided to draft the Bills’ signal caller for your squad.
  • Shady Business/Shady’s Back/Slim Shady/It’s Always Shady in Buffalo/Backfields with McCoys—Buffalo’s star running back LeSean McCoy was a frequent target when developing names. “It’s Always Shady” sounds like it could be a great Youtube series, but an even better fantasy football name.
  • Holmes is Where the Heart Is/Jordan and Zay are my Holmes Boys—Holmes is a pretty easy name to riff on, and Andre Holmes could be a darkhorse pick for a player to name your team after.
  • Beware the Toldozer—To name a team after a fullback and possible touchdown vulture, or not to name it after Mike Tolbert?
  • 18 to Life/18 and Counting/Overdue Bills— All of these are references to the drought, eve going so far as to predict another year added on to it.
  • Forward Collateral Damage—This one just might be my favorite. It has everything...a play on words, a reference to the Music City Miracle Forward Lateral that ended Buffalo’s last playoff game in January of 2000.

Thanks to all of our readers who tweeted suggestions. What are some other great Buffalo Bills-themed fantasy football team names?