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LeSean McCoy comments on trade rumors

The running back says the Bills brass has told him that he isn’t going anywhere.

The Buffalo Bills are widely perceived as being in a state of rebuild after trading away a couple of the team’s previous biggest assets recently. Following in this mindset, logically, it would make sense for Buffalo to continue to be sellers, and there isn’t a player remaining on the roster that would arguably net a bigger return than running back LeSean McCoy.

McCoy, who has already been traded once in his career, doesn’t want to hear any such trade chatter. He’s doing his best to dismiss it, citing conversations he says he’s had with the Bills decision makers.

"There's no trade talks," McCoy said, via Matthew Fairburn, of . "I talked to my coaches. I talked to Sean (McDermott) and Brandon (Beane), the GM. . . . I talked to them guys and they said that's not on their radar and that's not in the plans.”

McCoy says that he realizes that his continued tenure with the Bills is out of his hands. He feels like he did enough right things as player to have remained with the Philadelphia Eagles prior to be shipped off to Buffalo, such as being a good teammate and a highly productive player. Yet, to McCoy’s surprise, — and, frankly, just about everybody else’s — the Eagles still traded him.

During that time frame in Philadelphia, McCoy dealt with Chip Kelly, who was the club’s head coach but also possessed control over roster decisions. Kelly is out of the NFL now, but during his brief stint he developed a reputation in league circles as someone who players seemingly didn’t get along with quite easily.

McCoy says he doesn’t want to be traded away from the Bills. The team’s front office, he suggests, better suits him versus the staff he dealt with in Philadelphia.

“The guys we have here, especially in the upper office, we can talk to them and they're honest. I asked them about it and they said it's false. People making things up and it stirs it up. It is what it is."

Despite what has been speculated over the last couple weeks, McCoy is still a Bill. That won’t be changing anytime soon.