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What Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison will be looking for against the Ravens

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Tonight the Buffalo Bills will take on the Baltimore Ravens for their third preseason game. The starters are expected to play the longest of all four preseason games and are likely to go into the third quarter. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison will be looking for a couple of things from the offense.

Coach Sean McDermott was happy with the tempo that was set so far from the offense and Dennison asked what will be the next steps going forward.

“Hang onto the football, number one,” said Dennison this week. “We had way too many turnovers. We can’t do that to the defense and it stops any kind of progression that we’ve done so we’re hanging onto the football, we try and keep the same tempo and find our plays where we can.”

Tyrod Taylor turned the ball over twice against the Philadelphia Eagles last week. While one turnover wasn’t entirely his fault after a batted ball, those types of careless plays need to be eliminated to win consistently. Dennison will also look to avoid negative plays and penalties.

“You know, negative plays. Sacks, penalties, turnovers, those are the things that you try to eliminate. Those are the things that hurt you on drives,” added Dennison.

The offensive line was hard to watch against the Eagles last week and pressure on the quarterback was the foundation of those errant throws that turn into turnovers. Some changes will be made to the starting five this game to shake things up. Dion Dawkins will finally get reps at the left tackle spot instead of Seantrel Henderson and Vlad Ducasse will start at right guard. Ducasse hasn’t been good throughout the preseason so far so his name being called is a head-scratcher. Nonetheless, he gets the nod over John Miller.

Dennison wouldn’t comment on how much of the offense he keeps covered in the preseason, Dennison simply said, “I’m not at liberty to say.”