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Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor being evaluated for concussion

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor had a very difficult beginning to the third preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens and that was just the beginning of his problems. On the second drive, Taylor was sacked on third down and is now being evaluated for a concussion. Nathan Peterman is in the game.

Taylor dropped back and didn’t like what he saw, and attempted to run. He evaded the first defender but was wrapped up by the second man to reach him, spun around, and thrown to the ground over the defender. His head snapped off the ground so violently, training staff didn’t wait for a signal to run onto the field.

Sideline reporter Mike Catalana said Tyrod went to the training tent on the sideline for about 30 seconds before heading straight to the locker room. After Peterman completed a few passes, Catalana relayed that Taylor was indeed in the concussion protocol.