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Bills down to one healthy quarterback following Ravens game

Is Colin Kaepernick available? That was a joke guys, geez.

Speaking with the media the day after a 13-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced that Tyrod Taylor wasn’t the only quarterback to suffer a concussion in Saturday’s game; third string veteran T.J. Yates also sustained one at some point in the game. The Bills are now down to a single healthy quarterback on the roster (unless you want to count former Cardinals project Logan Thomas).

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a huge issue. The Bills have two weeks remaining before the regular season, and the fourth preseason game doesn’t ask much of a veteran like Taylor to exhibit anyway. But the Yates injury compounds things - now there’s a question of warm bodies to have available. Factoring in that the Bills play on Thursday in a short week of preparation, and the team really just needs a player who can take hand-offs with only a few days of notice. Is Matt Leinart available?

It doesn’t help that teams aren’t required to make an initial cut-down of their rosters ahead of the fourth preseason game. The Bills have said they’ll be seeking a roster addition, and at this point they will be looking at the absolute scraps of the free agent shelf (unless they were looking for a certain ex-San Francisco player), and hoping their choice doesn’t make it impossible to evaluate the other ten players on the field.