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Buffalo Bills quarterback injuries: free agent options available

With one healthy QB on the roster, the Bills need an NFL arm, and fast.

Early in Saturday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor hit his head hard on the turf and is now in the NFL concussion protocol. Third string quarterback TJ Yates also suffered a concussion in the second half, which leaves only one healthy QB currently on the roster, rookie Nathan Peterman.

The team will have to sign at least one more signal caller to finish out the preseason, and maybe start the regular season if the concussions to Taylor and Yates are long-term.

Here’s a look at some of the potential options the team can sign off the street so Peterman’s arm doesn’t fall off during practice.

Christian Ponder

The former first-round pick out of Florida State was never able to live up to the hype that got him drafted to high. He also throws a whole lot of interceptions with his career TD/INT ratio at 38/36. He spent some time with Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison when he was with the Denver Broncos, which is a familiarity none of the other names on the list can give.

Colin Kaepernick

We all knew this would be an option mentioned after seeing the headline of this article. Kaepernick has proven to be a solid NFL quarterback and I think most objective football fans would rather have him under center than an untested rookie. That being said, Taylor isn’t going anywhere, so bringing in Kaepernick for a few weeks might not be worth the media frenzy he brings. The just need a guy for a week or two, right?

Robert Griffin III

Griffin fell off a steep hill after his rookie season and has never been the same. Last season with the Cleveland Browns he struggled mightily and was then cut by the team only one year after signing.

Charlie Whitehurst

Or as many of you know him “Clipboard Jesus”. He has bounced a round a lot in his long NFL career and was Griffin’s backup last season with the Browns. A role like what the Bills need now is what he has basically had his entire NFL career, so he would feel at home with it.

Johnny Manziel

I mean, America is about second.... third..... 35th.... chances right? How many ex-Browns quarterbacks are on this list?