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One stat recap: Buffalo Bills quarterbacks were bad against the Baltimore Ravens

Spoiler: the passing game is not doing well

The Buffalo Bills faced the Baltimore Ravens in their third preseason game of 2017 this past Saturday. It should have been the most polished we’ve seen the team, but it was most certainly not.

The Bills quarterback trio of Tyrod Taylor, Nathan Peterman, and T.J. Yates completed just 20 of 41 passes, which is good for a 48.8% completion percentage. To put that in perspective, Taylor had a completion percentage of 61.7% in the 2016 season. For more perspective, every single NFL quarterback that attempted more than 100 passes had a higher completion percentage last year. The closest was the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton. Newtown was last among quarterbacks with greater than 100 pass attempts with a 52.94% completion percentage.

Yes, this was preseason and yes, Taylor was hurt very early on and only attempted three passes. This is still a bad sign of what is to come in the 2017 season. If Taylor (and the rest of the Bills quarterback corp) regresses from last year, the offense will regress from it’s already middle of the pack ranking.