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Terry Pegula wants Buffalo Bills to earn respect

Put some respect on the Bills name.

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Sean McDermott Press Conference Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula bought the Bills in 2014, he bought into the playoff drought and the struggles that this team and fanbase have faced whether he likes it or not. Wednesday, Pegula spoke to the media for a few minutes at training camp. He was asked about his goals for the Bills this season and where the playoffs come into that equation.

“I think if you put the pieces of the puzzle together, respect, earn it, work hard, diligence, be thorough, I think that’s how you get in the playoffs. So hopefully we can do that this year,” said Pegula.

Pegula was later asked about what he would describe as a successful season for the Bills and if he felt the Bills have been disrespected around the league.

“Earning respect and working hard, that’ll translate into wins,” he continued. “No, but that’s what you need to win. You need to have respect. When teams come in to Buffalo to play, they need to be talking about it on the way up saying, ‘oh gosh we gotta go to Buffalo, let’s hope we can get one out of here.’”

Pegula also went on to say that you will see the respect be earned in games. He isn’t going to speak in front of the media and guarantee playoffs like someone else we know, but he says the right things. Pegula isn’t flamboyant when he is in the public eye. As an NFL owner, he shouldn’t be.

When asked about the stadium and his wife’s comments a few days ago, he threw water on the fire, echoing her comments that no new stadium is imminent.