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Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions: first half open thread

We’ve reached the end of the preseason

Well, we made it. The end of the preseason is upon us. The Buffalo Bills are playing host to the Detroit Lions in the final game that doesn’t count, continuing a 16-year series of the two teams facing off against each others’ backups.

While the game might not be exciting, and it doesn’t matter in the standings, but it’s going to be a very important game for some players on the roster. The guys who have barely seen the field at all are going to be playing for a handful of remaining roster spots, while those who don’t make it could end up on the Bills’ (or some other team’s) practice squad.

It’ll also be interesting to see what happens under center. Tyrod Taylor and T.J. Yates are both still in the concussion protocol, and if the situation doesn’t improve the Bills could be starting Nathan Peterman when the season opens against the New York Jets in a week and a half. How much will he play tonight? How will he fare? Will he see all the playing time he would have seen with a healthy Taylor, or will the coaching staff protect him in case he needs to play in the regular season?

Peterman’s spot on the roster is safe, but there are thirty guys on the roster right now who won’t be there after cutdowns are made official Saturday afternoon. Let’s talk about how they’re doing in here.