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Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions: second half open thread

Surprisingly, this was a pretty good first half

NFL: Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the second half of the final preseason game of the year with the Buffalo Bills battling the Detroit Lions. The Bills are now in the midst of playing a quarterback they signed three days ago. This isn’t the type of situation for anyone but the hardest of hardcore football fans to watch.

That said, this game has been pretty entertaining, especially considering the snoozefests that were the first three games. Rookie quarterback Nate Peterman looked sharp, going 9 of 11 for 88 yards and orchestrating two scoring drives during the quarter he played. Young players like Brandon Reilly, Trae Elston, and Joe Banyard have made nice plays trying to earn their roster spots. With the Bills carrying a 13-3 lead into the half, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to keep watching!

If you’re still hanging around, or you’re watching one of the college football games and want somewhere to vent, come chat with us!