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Preston Brown’s hoodie doesn’t have candy anymore at Bills camp

The veteran linebacker has changed his eating habits

When the Buffalo Bills began training camp last season, linebacker Preston Brown was often seen wearing a hoodie during practice. When asked why he wore one, he gave an interesting answer: he kept candy in the hood. With a new year and a new regime in town, Brown has updated his snacking regimen according to Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News.

"No candy in practice no more, none of the little stuff like that,” insisted Brown. “I got a chef now. I’m trying to eat healthy – a lot of green stuff.”

While there was no word on what kind of “green stuff” Brown eats, lime gummy bears are probably not on his updated menu.

There’s probably an obvious joke here about why head coach Sean McDermott is less likely to allow junk food on the practice field than his predecessor, Rex Ryan, but at the very least it shows that Brown is more cognizant of his health in what is a very important year for him professionally. That’s not to say that a professional athlete can’t enjoy the delicious taste of gummy bears, but it is good that players are avoiding such things during a football practice.

Providing candy for veterans during practice was something that Brown was asked to do when he was a rookie in 2014, but it appears that the tradition will remain in the past.