The Boldin Signing Makes a 2018 Compensatory Pick Easier

Signing Anquan Boldin today might give the Bills an easier path to a compensatory pick for the loss of Stephon Gilmore. Assuming the Bills' lost 2017 free agents (Gilmore, Woods, Goodwin, McCray, Hunter) stick on their new rosters, the team should be in line for the pick if they cut 3 players of Michah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Stephen Haushka, Vlad Ducasse, Andre Holmes, Ryan Davis, and Patrick DiMarco.

Hyde, Poyer, Haushka, and DiMarco feel safe based on contracts and play in camp to date.

Ducasse and Davis both feel like they were brought in because depth is severely lacking at DE and O-line. But I don't think they've made much of an impact. Add in the emergence of Eddie Yarbrough and Jordan Mudge, and it's possible they'll both be on the way out during the cut to 53.

Holmes probably would've been safe (despite a fairly bad camp), but the Boldin signing might make him expendable. If the Bills play the hot hand with Rod Streater, the WR crew might be Watkins, Boldin, Jones, Streater, Tate, and Brown.

Given that the Bills can still sign these guys back to the team after cutting them and get the pick, what do you think Beane decides to do?

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