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Anquan Boldin Buffalo Bills contract numbers show great value

The Bills have upgraded at receiver even though they’re spending less.

When the Buffalo Bills lost Robert Woods and several depth receivers this offseason, they were thin at the position. After drafting Zay Jones and signing Anquan Boldin, their corps is upgraded and they spent less.

Boldin’s contract is for $2.75 million with another $1.25 million available in incentives, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Jones’s number as a second-round pick has a cap hit of just $1.2 million. Andre Holmes ($1.4 million) and Rod Streater ($775,000) round out the top receivers behind Sammy Watkins. If you add all of those up, the $6.2 million cap hit is still lower than Woods’ $7 million cap hit for the Los Angeles Rams. Former Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin also has a $3.25 million cap hit with the San Francisco 49ers in 2017, despite limited production over the course of his career.

The Bills swapped out Woods and Goodwin and replaced them with Boldin, Jones, Holmes, and Streater, increasing their top-end talent and the depth, and still come out ahead on the ledger. Pretty darn good offseason.