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Tyrod Taylor and Zay Jones to blame for Buffalo Bills’ final play

Offensive coordinator somewhat cleared the air on the 4th down play

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills lost a close game Sunday where the offense didn't get into any sort of rhythm until the last drive. Rick Dennison greeted the media Monday to discuss the game and season to date and noted he still has confidence in Tyrod Taylor.

“He did some good things. Kept us in the game,” said Dennison

On 4th down and 10 to go late in the fame, Taylor took a shot towards the pylon to rookie receiver Zay Jones that went off his hands. Dennison says both Taylor and Jones deserve the blame for this hotly-debated miss.

“When you're running that route, you are taught to run the ball high,” former Bills receiver (and current Bills broadcaster) Donald Jones told Rich Fann of BuffaloWins. “Tyrod is thinking Zay is going to, but the quarterback will throw you flat if he needs to.”

When you look at the video from YardsPerPass, you can't see when the ball leaves the hand, but if Jones runs that route to the corner of the end zone, there is a good chance that the pass is completed.

The route combination to the right is smart. The curl route by McCoy freezes the corner to allow Jones to get open on his route. Taylor and Jones were able to freeze the safety inside. Taylor and Jones just couldn't execute.

Bottom line is that the offense has to get better. One player being singled out isn't going to do that. There needs to be improvement in all aspects of the offense.