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Watch: Buffalo Bills beat Detroit Lions storylines

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

(If the video displays with poor quality, you can watch it on our Facebook page.)

Peterman’s progress

Thursday night showed Nathan Peterman’s progress. His decision making and anticipation should be noted. A mix of 3 & 5 step drops took him to 9 of 11 for 81 yards. While leading the Buffalo Bills on two opening scoring drives.

Running backs find their rhythm

Both Jonathon Williams & Joe Banyard had strong rushing performances. Each notching their own touchdown and helping to put the Bills 3rd in YPG to close out the preseason.

Penalty problems gone?

Coach McDermott’s discipline building seems to be taking effect as the bills record only 5 penalties for 60 yards. After averaging 11 per game in their first 3.

Defensive standouts

Powering through some bumps in the road, the defense had some standouts. Greg Mabin jumped the route in the endzone for an interception. Also, Ian Seau had 2 sacks including a strip sack in the 4th to put the nail in the coffin for Detroit.

One streak down

With the Bills 27-17 victory over the Lions, McDermott’s Bills snap a 9 game preason win streak the Lions held.

Tyrod is QB1

Following the strong performance by Peterman, McDermott reiterated that Tyrod Taylor would be the teams starter moving into the regular season.