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Buffalo Bills interview: Andre Reed speaks on Zay Jones, chemistry, and more

The Hall-of-Fame receiver spoke about chemistry, overcoming adversity, and memorabilia

Andre Reed #83

A few players from the Buffalo Bills’ glory days are in town for Sunday’s home game against the Denver Broncos, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to one of them about a few pressing topics.

Andre Reed played 16 years in the NFL, the first 15 of which came in Buffalo. He’s the career leader in every major receiving category in Bills history, and earned a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014. Unquestionably one of the largest figures in team history, I asked for some insight into the most notable moment of the team’s season so far.

He spoke a bit about his interaction with Zay Jones following the potential game-winning touchdown drop last week against Carolina. In the immediate aftermath of Jones’ drop, there was a lot of discussion about where the blame for the failed play lies (including a piece we posted that same day).

“There’s gonna be a lot of times where you’re gonna make that catch, the catch that you don’t think you can make, you make that catch,” Reed said he told Jones. “[He is] there for a reason. [He was] drafted because [he] can make plays. We’re all human, things happen.”

He stressed the need to have a short memory about those things, but also to work on chemistry in your offense. Having played with Jim Kelly under center for 11 of his 15 seasons with the Bills, he knows what it’s like to have to develop chemistry as well as the rewards that can be reaped when it forms.

“Sometimes the throw isn’t perfect, and sometimes the route isn’t perfect ... not everything’s gonna go the way it was drawn up, and sometimes you have to adjust,” said Reed. “A lot of times, you have to adjust because it’s not gonna be way you think it’s gonna be on paper.”

“It’s hard to develop chemistry quick, and as Tyrod, and Zay, and a couple of the other receivers get to know each other more on the field and off the field, that’s stuff that’s gonna come.”

He stressed the work that he and Kelly put in to becoming better football players and studying opponents to minimize variables.

“Me and Jim, we just wanted to get better every single day,” said Reed. “We wanted to know that, when Sunday came, we were prepared enough, and we were able to adjust to any situation that arose.”

Reed was at Dave and Adam’s Card World on Saturday as part of his work with Panini’s NFL Mobile Tour, promoting their card and sticker collectibles as well as their NFL Blitz app (not affiliated with the old arcade game) that serves as a platform for digital trading cards, contests, and giveaways.

Despite his affinity for Dave and Adam’s, Reed doesn’t have a whole lot of memorabilia from his playing days.

“I have some things, but I probably could have collected more back when I played,” he said, also mentioning the newer tradition of post-game jersey exchanges that didn’t exist in his playing days outside of a few exchanges at the Pro Bowl.

If you’re going to the Buffalo Fan Fest before the game, you’ll see Reed there along with several other former Bills, including a few of his teammates from the Super Bowl run in the early 1990’s.

“There’s going to be a lot of people at this thing. Not only do we like to get together and have fun, but it gets people excited again,” he said about the event.

Here’s to hoping that comes true.