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Buffalo Bills lock arms, kneel during national anthem in response to Donald Trump

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A strong message.

Early in the season, none of the Buffalo Bills players protested during the national anthem. Following President Donald Trump’s comments on Friday, telling NFL owners to fire players who demonstrated during the anthem, several members of the team made demonstrations during Sunday’s national anthem.

To start with, players moved off the sideline for the anthem this week and they did it together as a team. Several Bills players went to a knee, others stood behind them, while others locked arms. LeSean McCoy did his warm-up routine during the music.

The team held a meeting Saturday night to discuss possibilities of a team-wide protest during the national anthem. Ultimately, they decided to let players choose their own reaction but owners Kim & Terry Pegula, head coach Sean McDermott, general manager Brandon Beane, and other Bills brass were in attendance. The Pegulas also released a statement and with the team’s official account tweeting, it tells you which way the team is leaning.