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One stat recap: Sputtering offense derails Buffalo Bills in Wild Card game

Three points just won’t get the job done

In the franchise’s first playoff game since the year 2000, the Buffalo Bills offense doomed them just as it had multiple times this season. We knew it would be an uphill battle, given that the Bills’ middle-to-bottom of the league offense was going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars’ top-five defense. Not many predicted one of the offense’s worst performances of the season, though.

On Sunday in Jacksonville, Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense put up bottom five performances in the following categories:

  • Passing yards - 133 - 13th
  • Total yards - 263 - 14th
  • Yards per play - 3.55 - 15th
  • Interceptions - 2 - 16th

However, it all comes down to the points they scored. Three. Just one field goal tied their games against the Panthers and the Patriots for fewest points scored. Since 1940, there’s never been an NFL team that has won a playoff game scoring 3 or fewer points. Sadly, the Bills did not become the first.