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Buffalo Bills rookie receiver Zay Jones dealt with shoulder injury, per report

The receiver’s father spoke to a media outlet over the weekend.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones has what most would call a disappointing rookie season. Despite being targeted early and often, the first-year player only recorded 27 catches for 316 yards and two touchdowns on 74 opportunities, albeit not always his fault. Now we might have a reason for at least some of his ineffectiveness.

“Here’s a guy that’s going into surgery on Tuesday to get his shoulder repaired and people hardly knew that he played the entire season with, you know, a torn labrum,” Robert Jones told the Bills Wire podcast. “So how would you like sitting around and you’re going to grab a glass of water and your arm falls out of its socket?”

The Buffalo News confirmed the surgery will be taking place this week. Robert Jones is Zay’s father and a former NFL linebacker.

The rookie played in 15 games during the season, never missing time for a shoulder injury. His father says the team didn’t find out about the injury until the end-of-year MRI, which is why he wasn’t listed on the injury report and didn’t receive treatment for the problem.

It’s the second shoulder injury for Jones in his young career, though it’s unclear if the shoulder he injured this season was the same one that was repaired following his 2015 season at East Carolina.