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The best place to watch the Super Bowl is at a house party

Where do you watch the big game?

For me, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is eating the foods I don’t allow myself to eat in measurable quantities during the rest of the year. Grabbing a cold one or two and ingesting massive amounts of cheese, meat, hot sauce, and butter is probably the best way to spend any day, especially Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s even better when it’s at someone else’s house and you can leave when the game is over or the food is cold, right?

Hosting a Super Bowl party means you’re likely to have congealed leftovers and reminders of the massive amounts of fat and calories you ingested before. Not a problem at someone else’s house.

So if a coworker or family member invites you over on February 4th, don’t dismiss the idea. Grab some pizza logs (or your finger food of choice), and head over to someone else’s house to watch the game.

What is your favorite place to watch the Super Bowl?