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Fans, media, current and former Buffalo Bills react to Eric Wood retirement

Fans everywhere send their wishes to Wood.

A player’s worst fear is suffering an injury that would put an end to their NFL career. Unfortunately, for center Eric Wood, that nightmare became a reality as everyone learned Friday morning. Wood, a nine-year player for the Buffalo Bills shared the news on what happened.

The news shocked everyone as one of the most beloved players on the team has to end his career before he was ready.

Owner Kim Pegula sent her thoughts Wood’s way.

Wood’s current teammates were showing him love and support as well.

Even former teammates sent love to their friend.

The media also gave Wood the respect for his interactions over the years.

Fans everywhere were sending well wishers to Wood and his family.

Wood is also very active in the community and has a foundation if you were interested in donating.

We wish Wood nothing but the best for him and his family and hope everything works out in the long run.