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Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood holds awkward press conference where he doesn’t retire

This was really weird.

Something was very strange about Eric Wood’s press conference today at One Bills Drive. Actually, a lot of it was really strange as the Buffalo Bills’ long-time center was set to announce his retirement with friends and family in attendance. It was supposed to be a “lovefest”. It was anything but.

It began 50 minutes late

Bills players and the media were there early to set up. The team said it was going to start at 1. Then it was 1:45 before general manager Brandon Beane walked out and began speaking with people on the side. Wood showed up a few minutes later.

It was two minutes long

Wood made a statement that was roughly a minute and a half long. It was matter-of-fact in the medical issues but that’s about it. With players from his career, including former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, in attendance, you would think the press conference was going to be a bigger deal than it turned out to be. They set up a podium in the field house.

He didn’t take questions

Normally one to engage with the media, Wood didn’t take questions and walked off instead. Many fans and the media have questions, but Wood didn’t want to answer them.

He never said he was retired

Kind of odd for a retirement press conference, huh? “I have been informed that I am no longer able to play football with the neck injury,” said Wood. “Although I am no longer cleared to play football, I am still on the Bills roster and look forward to helping the team in some capacity.”

According to John Wawrow of the Associated Press, a Collective Bargaining Agreement issue was the problem that needs sorting. There is definitely more to this story. Stay tuned.