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SB Nation’s NFL playoffs preview is here, Buffalo Bills fans!

The streak is dead!

With the Buffalo Bills returning to the playoffs for the first time since 1999, fans everywhere are clamoring to learn more about the downtrodden franchise with the inspirational and plucky demeanor. They have snow, their fans donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to another team’s quarterback, and no one seems to know much about them.

That’s where I come in. These questions were asked of every potential playoff blogger last week and I have to say I had to re-write them a few times trying to figure out what I would sound like if the Bills actually made the postseason.

Check out SB Nation’s NFL playoffs preview here with lots of information on the Bills’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and every other Wild Card game.

What was the turning point of the season for you?

Buffalo started hot with a 5-2 record including a win over the Falcons in Atlanta but three straight losses had the team reeling. A win over the Chiefs at Arrowhead really made folks believe the team could compete for a playoff spot.

Who is the player who is going to earn himself a big new contract in the playoffs?

E.J. Gaines was acquired from the Rams as part of the trade for Sammy Watkins and has played well all season. If he can stay on the field in the playoffs he’s a difference maker entering free agency.

Who’s the player on your team that nobody knows but will?

Wide receiver Deonte Thompson was released by the Bears earlier this year but has a great chemistry with Tyrod Taylor and has taken over as the Buffalo receiver that plays the most snaps. He’s had several big catches this season.

Who’s the player you can’t afford to lose?

LeSean McCoy is the engine of the Bills offense and with Mike Tolbert as the only running back with game experience behind him, Buffalo would be dead in the water without Shady. [Editor’s note: Like I said, I wrote this answer last week. Eek!]

Which team scares you the most?

The Bills shouldn’t be scared of anyone. They are in the postseason for the first time since Bill Clinton was president. The Steelers offense will present the biggest challenge for the Bills defense, but if we play them, it means we’ve won a playoff game.

Anyone can beat your team if …

they protect the football. Buffalo’s offense isn’t great and short fields or defensive points really help the cause.

What would make your team’s Super Bowl parade better than the others?

Oh my God, Buffalonians will burn down the city celebrating. The four 90s-era Super Bowl losses, the 17-year playoff drought, and the city’s 50-year championship drought have primed the pump.

If you go all the way, they’ll say it was because …

God wanted the Bills to win. The offense isn’t good enough to do it under Rick Dennison and the defense is old and slow in spots, so if they win it’s divine intervention or a hot streak from Tyrod Taylor heretofore unseen.

What's your team's playoff curse?

I know you’re asking the same questions to everyone, but I’m not sure I want to answer this. Four Super Bowl losses, a 17-year playoff drought, and a 50-year championship drought in Western New York is enough to make anyone feel cursed.

What streak is your team hoping to break?

We already broke the only streak that matters to most Bills fans by making the playoffs. Of course we want to win the Super Bowl, but really we are really happy to be in the postseason and relevant again.

Of course now that it’s happened, we’re not content with just being here, are we? Read everything about the playoffs, including the Bills, here in SB Nation’s playoff bracket!