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Buffalo Bills fans continue to be charitable, donating in Tyler Boyd’s name

Boyd has also become a fan favorite of Bills fans

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While the donations to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation from Buffalo Bills fans has become a national story, many fans have been eager to make donations in the name of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd. It was Boyd who caught the 49-yard touchdown pass from Dalton that led to the defeat of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, and propelled the Bills into the playoffs.

Boyd took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the link for his charity of choice, the Western Pennsylvania Youth Athletic Association.

In less than one hour since Boyd posted the link, fans of the Buffalo Bills have donated over $3,500 to the cause. The majority of donations are once again being made in $17 increments, signifying the number of years since the Bills made the playoffs.

The generosity of Bills fans continues to amaze those across the country, as they send thanks to Dalton and Boyd for their efforts from Sunday. For more information on the Western PA Youth Athletic Association, or to make a donation, please visit this link provided by Boyd.