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Mary Wilson, widow of Ralph Wilson Jr., is excited for the Buffalo Bills playoff drought to end

She is a fan, just like you and me.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

Ralph Wilson Jr., the founder of the Buffalo Bills and Hall of Famer, passed away before the team’s long playoff drought came to an end. His wife, Mary Wilson, is with us to see it all unfold. Wilson attended every home game this year and the playoff berth means a lot to her and would have meant even more for her late husband.

Ralph would be over the moon,” said Mrs. Wilson. “He’d be so happy for the fans and for Buffalo. And with all the good things that are happening in Buffalo right now in the community, this puts an exclamation mark on it. I think this is a picture of the future for the organization.”

She added how happy she is for the current owners, Kim & Terry Pegula, and how much she likes Sean McDermott. Wilson focused on how important this is for the community. How passionate Bills’ fans are and how the people of Buffalo rally around each other.

“I thought that game was so important for this team,” she said. “It brought them together even more. When you go through an experience like that and the fans loved it and you win, it creates so much togetherness among the team. I heard some of the players were pushing cars, helping fans get out of the parking lot. How about that?”

Wilson says she will be at the game in Jacksonville to watch the Bills take on the Jaguars.