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Donations continue to flow to Andy Dalton’s foundation

Over $315,000 donated so far

Ever since Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton found Tyler Boyd for a game-winning touchdown that pushed the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs, Bills fans (and likely plenty others) have been flooding Dalton’s Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation with donations.

Within hours of scores being final, Bills fans had donated over $3,000. Now, just a few days later, the totals are almost 100 times that. Dalton provided another update late Thursday stating that over 14,000 people have donated over $315,000 to his foundation.

Dalton and his wife penned a letter to the editor in Saturday’s The Buffalo News and will be on Sportscenter Sunday with Bills Mafia de facto spokesperson, Del Reid.

Not wanting to leave their other hero out of the fun, fans have also begun donating to Tyler Boyd’s chosen organization. Boyd’s initial goal was to raise $20,000. That was accomplished in under 6 hours. Now the total donated to the Western PA Youth Athletic Association stands at over $50,000.

Outsiders may make fun of Bills fans for their pregame parking lot antics and their love for a team that has provided little to cheer for recently, but Buffalonians and Bills fans worldwide are showing everyone their true colors now. In less than a week they (and others) have raised nearly $400,000. The City of Good Neighbors and fans of its football team are coming through in a big way.

Links to donate:

Dalton - Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation:

Boyd - Western PA Youth Athletic Association: