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Miami Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry, Kenyan Drake fined by NFL after fight with Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins players fined after starting fight with Bills

Buffalo Bills fans are well aware of the history Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has with taking cheap shots. Bills Mafia remembers well the unnecessary (and career-ending) illegal crackback hit Landry levied on Bills safety Aaron Williams during a Week 7 game in 2016.

During Sunday’s 22-16 win by the Bills over the Dolphins — a win that kept Buffalo’s playoff hopes alive long enough for Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals to stun the Baltimore Ravens and punch Buffalo’s trip to the postseason — Landry was at it again.

The Bills, who raced out to a comfortable 22-3 lead in South Beach, had just watched Landry score a touchdown with 6:16 remaining in the fourth quarter to close the Buffalo lead to 22-9.

Landry, who had to go through a sea of Bills and Dolphins players en route to the end zone, ran off to celebrate before running back towards the action. He shoved and head-butted safety Jordan Poyer, while running back Kenyan Drake snatched Ryan Davis’ helmet and heaved it 20 yards across the field. Landry, Drake, and offensive lineman Jake Brendel were all ejected following the fight.

For their roles in the skirmish, Landry was fined $48,620 and Drake and Bills cornerback Leonard Johnson were each docked $12,154 for their roles. (Some outlets reported no Bills were fined but had the news on Johnson.) Landry’s fine was higher as a repeat offender.

Buffalo (9-7) travels to Jacksonville (10-6) at 1:05 p.m. Sunday for a Wild Card playoff game, while Landry, Drake and the Dolphins will watch the postseason from their homes after completing a 6-10 season.