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Buffalo Bills take 3-0 lead after strange drive started by Doug Marrone punt

The Bills take the lead over the Jaguars

The Buffalo Bills just orchestrated a long scoring drive to take a 3-0 lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars with just under two minutes left in the half.

After a tipped pass from Tyrod Taylor was intercepted by the Jaguars, Jacksonville was set up to take the lead but great plays by the Bills defense stalled the drive. On Buffalo’s 38-yard line, the Jags punted and Brandon Tate caught a fair catch after only 22 yards.

The Bills offense then got to work, taking only three plays to get to the 38-yard line from which Marrone punted on the legs of LeSean McCoy. After nice plays from Taylor using his legs, Buffalo made it inside the Jacksonville five. The Bills were stopped on third down when Taylor was tripped up on the cusp of diving into the end zone but were able to draw the Jaguars offside on the field goal attempt, giving them a fresh set of downs.

On the first play, Kelvin Benjamin pushed off and was called for pass interference. The Bills weren’t able to do any damage and Stephen Hauschka booted through the first points of the game.